What we do

  • Acute illnesses (eg fever, coughs, sinus, influenza, gastro, throat, ear, sinus infections, etc)

  • Chronic diseases (eg diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart, etc)

  • Writing prescriptions (EXCEPT narcotics, drugs of addiction, sleepers, )

  • Writing referrals – to specialists, allied health practitioners

  • Ordering of tests – blood, x-rays and scans

  • Checking of blood pressure, blood sugar

  • Telephone consults that have a medicare rebate

  • Insurance medicals and reports – for further information, see heading Insurance and Workcover

  • Workcover injury consults, assessments and reports – for further information, see heading Insurance and Workcover

What we don't do

  • Give medical advice over the phone unless there is a medicare rebate

  • Treat emergencies (eg chest pain, stroke, collapse, bleeding, etc) – you will be referred to hospital without a home visit

  • Treat urgent medical conditions that may require hospital assessment

  • Administer or prescribe narcotics, drugs of dependence or addiction—if you require such an injection you will be referred to hospital

  • Consult anyone for alcohol or drug problems

  • Stitch or glue cuts or lacerations but we can assess them and advise you

  • Remove moles or stitches

  • Perform intimate female or male examinations (including smears)

  • Perform vaccinations or cortisone injections

  • Attend to assaults or injuries sustained via motor vehicle accidents

  • Take blood or other specimens

Where possible you will be seen

  • In the same part of the day that you made an appointment

Please cancel your call early

  • If you no longer need the doctor, if you will not be home, if you attend hospital or if you call an ambulance

We reserve the right to not attend if any of the above conditions are not met.